Free Lineage II Gracia final server

Server settings

We set up server like it was on servers. You can find some custom settings but most of them are customized NPC menu. As well we take out weight from shots, arrows, soul ore and spirit ore. And what you can expect? Working Territory wars, castle sieges, Olympiad games, epic raids and huge quantity of quests. As well you will find a large number of old and new locations.

No donate

Server is essentially finance from our own resources, because we do not need robbing someone to play on our server. You can see revised offers in traders menu to compensate low population. As well some characters witch private craft offering cheap creation of material in Giran. We have updates from the sotware publisher but they are installed irregularly. As well there are no regularly restarts.

From our history

We made this server to have fun on it. At start we made it only for our friends. Later we wipe server and open it for all players. Server was running over two years and due to technical problem was temporarily shut down. Now is fully functional again. We are not make heavy propagation of our server, only  facebook advertisement is running. We let promotion in players hand to keep them playing with whom they want.







Registration form

Fill registration form carefully. Keep your access data but never share them!

The minimum password length is 7 characters and login 4 characters.

Registration and access

To play on our server you have to respect two simple rules. Be kind to other players and neve use third party software like cp loader, l2 ranger, l2 walker etc.

Game client

You can use your own Gracia Final client but we recomend to download our preinstaled client ftp: Lineage.rar


We recommend setting exceptions to the System folder.


Download our system.rar unpack it and upload it to the game folder. Delete old system folder before upload new one!

Starting the game

Start the game  with L2.exe file from a folder system.